Riot of Violence - Graves of our Dead

from by V.V. / A.A.



Riot Of Violencia is a Melodic Death Metal Band From Barcelona formed by:
Joan - Vocals
Oriol - Guitars
Charlie - Guitars
Abel - Bass
Edu - Drums
Track included in the 2013 Planet Of The Rapes album by Riot Of Violence.


Wealthy children
of the aristocracy
revolutions start
at your command

bored, demoralized
confused and frustrated
you're setting goals for
our own alienation

dancing on the graves of our dead!

now we're told
how to eat
how to walk
even how to fuck.

perpetual fraud,
useless cultures
like the ones from the past
and the ones yet to come

dancing on the graves of our dead!

the precious tool we created
now becomes our god,
our alpha and omega,
controlling us from high above

a new invention to worship
where flies will gather,
building a new frame for us
to please our minds and intellects

what ties us to our ghosts
blinds us from the world
always searching outside
to find something inside
always searching inside
to find something outside

we are slaves of our own condition!


from MEGAMUERTE SOUNDTRACK, released October 31, 2014
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MEGAMUERTE Barcelona, Spain

Soundtrack for the movie MEGAMUERTE, a movie about heavy metal, skaters, fights, monsters and demons directed by J. Oskura Nájera.

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